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It is not enough to merely be a warm body standing and waiting for someone or for something to occur to provide "close personal protection." Today's protection agent must be educated in many areas, including psychology, sociology, history, and such related subjects as political science and comparative religions. As society recognizes the growing professionalism of close protective service, new areas of need arise for trained professional consultants who are experts in all aspects of security. These aspects include conducting security surveys and making recommendations for hardening the target, installation of alarm systems, instigation of protective procedures, and provision of close personal protection.

In the end, it comes down to the heart of each highly-trained security protection specialists who is willing and committed to examine and dissect evil, in order to provide protection to the vulnerable. For financial consideration and remuneration or personal allegiance, they will assume the risks and provide protection to those who cannot provide their own security and be willing to "fight the dragons."

The PSS Executive Protection course has been designed with a "total protection detail" package in mind. Participants will receive a firm grounding in basic protection philosophy and techniques. Subjects included are:

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