Preparing today...
For the challenges of tomorrow.

...very informative...the content was exactly what I am in need of and the instructor was very professional, well spoken, and easy to understand.  I would definitely take another course.

C. Curtis, Safety Training Coordinator, Calgary of the best learning facilitators that I have ever had the pleasure of working with or being instructed by. As an experienced training needs and teacher assessor, I have no hesitation in endorsing PSS for any courses that it provides. I shall certainly use them again for my future qualification needs.

Nigel Ogden (Cert. Mgmt, Cert. Ed.) Calgary


We feel fortunate and privileged to have had someone of your expertise join us for a week long outdoor event. Time and time again we heard from people that your level of instruction is bar none the best they've ever had. Not only that, but you were always available to answer any questions or concerns folks may have had about their health.

Alan Halcon,




If your occupation involves the possibility that you could get killed or that you may have to save the life of someone else, you don't have a job - you have a profession.  Being a professional is a term that gets thrown around quite often, and it is usually reserved for that person who does not accept mediocrity, but instead puts in the extra time and effort to be the best.

Even in fields where everyone should display those characteristics, like the military or law enforcement, not everyone is a true professional.  There will always be those that are content with maintaining the status quo, that do not have the drive to better themselves. They aren't willing to go the extra mile to separate themselves from their peers.  This place is not for them.  This place is designed for the true professionals.

In today's dynamically changing environment we are faced with many challenges. Our day to day interactions are constantly complicated by both natural and man-made emergencies.

Many situations could be better handled by those who have developed specific skill sets. There is more to being capable than just "being trained". That is why PSS is here for you.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Personal Safety Systems (PSS) exists with one goal in provide timely, up-to-date, and pertinent instruction for those who wish to make a difference in our sometimes challenging society. Regardless of your professional level, enhancing your skills serves to ensure you are always ahead of the game.

If you are looking for advanced security training, first aid, or tactical medicine...or, if you just wish to enhance your interpersonal communications skills, we have the courses for you.